Species Identifications


Western Hemlock: The western hemlock is a very large tree. It can reach up to heights of 30-50 meters tall.  Commonly found in Western North America, this means the tree is likely to be around the pacific ocean or located in temperate rain forests.

Vine Maple: This plant is part of the maple family. It's found in Western North America. Grows in height to 5-8 meters but can sometimes be larger. 


Nootka Rose: The Nootka Rose can vary in height, usually growing to 2-10 feet tall. It's part of the perennial family. This plant is native to Western North America.


Douglas Fir: An evergreen conifer tree, it's also native to Western North America, and one variety of this tree is found along the coast. The other one grows around the rocky mountains.


Shore Pine: One of the many common trees in Western North America. The Shore Pine is a part of the pine Genus, which means it's a evergreen conifer.



Beavers: Beavers are native animals to North America. They're usually found in places such as rivers, streams, and small lakes. Because of the boulders and logs, this makes it an ideal place for them to live.


Seagulls: Seagulls are commonly found here at Habitat Compensation Island. It's a very big and open place, which is typically what they look for. They're usually found on the shore or in-land. 


Crabs: You'll find crabs basically anywhere that has sand. Especially the small ones. They have a thick exoskeleton and use their claw to capture their preys.  They're very unique because they sit in a hole and patiently wait for it's prey.


Canadian Goose: Large goose species with a black head, and neck. It also has white patches on it's face, and their bodies are typically brown. It's native to the arctic and temperate regions of North America. They're usually found in many watery habitat including lakes, marshes, and bogs.


Robin: Known to be a songbird of the Thrush family. It was named after it's European counterpart because of it's reddish-orange breast. Found mainly in woodland, farmlands, and urban areas.


Ducks:Ducks are aquatic birds, mostly smaller than swan, and geese. They're found in fresh water and sea water

Bushtit: The American bushtit is commonly found on the west-coast of North America. Their preferred habitat is in the open woodlands, parks, and gardens.

*photos were from online due to not having enough time and seeing these species in person. Links has been added with photos to give credit to photographer.


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